How to Buy

How to choose the right Sunbabe Bikini

 Sunbabe Bikini’s are small – they are Micro bikini’s.

Our Micro Bikini’s are a little different. We have 4 different types of cut’s in our micro tops and bottoms. The range is designed to be mix and matched.

In our top’s you have the selection of:

  1. Micro top’s – they are still micro by nature but provide enough cover you can wear around a pool or at the beach.
  2. Petite micro top’s – a smaller cut, classy buy more revealing
  3. Super micro top’s – even smaller again, great for tanning, bodybuilding and what ever your imagination comes up with.
  4. Zero micro top’s – our smallest cut, covering just the nipples.

Our bottom selection is designed to match:

  1. Brazilian bottom’s – traditional brazilian cut
  2. Micro bottom’s – smaller cut, available in a thong, g-string and smaller brazlian cut
  3. Super bottom’s – smaller again, v-string, g-string and brazlian cut.
  4. Zero bottom’s – our smallest cut, covering just enough, g-string style – perfect for a small tan line

We also offer a see through bikini and one piece range