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Swimwear Care

Caring for your swimwear;


  1. Cold or warm hand wash after every wear.
  2. Excessive amounts of suntan lotions and oils rubbed into the skin can cause the elastic and elastomeric yarn to deteriorate, making it rot and melt. The only solution is to wash your swimsuit in warm water and a mild neutral detergent – e.g. velvet soap will reduce the amount of oil or lotion absorbed.
  3. We suggest you machine wash on a gentle cycle every 3 or 4 wears as this will remove a lot more chlorine, sand, salt water and perspiration than hand washing.
  4. Put your swimsuit in a stocking bag (especially if it has wires) to protect it.

Drying, Storing and Sand

  1. Line dry, do not tumble dry as extreme heat will wear down the elastic.
  2. Do not leave rolled up in a towel wet or store wet. This causes the fabric to become mouldy and very smelly.
  3. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.
  4. Machine wash (in a stocking bag) before packing your swimsuit away for winter. Any chlorine, sand or salt water not washed out properly can eat into the swimsuit while laying idle.
  5. Sand, being so small, can stick to your swimsuit, but it is easy to get out. When dry, stretch the garment and flick the fabric so the sand will fall out easily.

Chlorine, Heat and Spas

  1. Do not wear in a spa – we cannot guarantee any swimsuit if worn in a spa due to the strong level of chemicals and heat of the water. We suggest you wear an old pair of bathers for the spa and save the nicer pair for other swimming. Always wash them out immediately after swimming. Do not wear in a sauna as the intense heat will also cause the elastic to start melting and the fabric to deteriorate very quickly.

Rough Surfaces

  1. Try to avoid sitting or lying on rough surfaces as this damages the fabric, creating small pulls. Always put a towel underneath yourself.

Loss of Brilliance and Fluoro Colours

  1. Wash separately initially as colours may run at first, especially very bright or fluoro colours, and some blacks.
  2. All colours will eventually fade, but especially fluoro colours. To keep the colour in the swimsuit as long as possible, hang it out to dry in the shade or inside.
  3. If fluoro colours go streaky, then machine wash in cold water (in a stocking bag). The agitation of machine washing is more consistent than hand washing and you will find that the streaks will disappear.

Glitter Fabric

  1. Metallic finish and glitter fabrics are not meant to be worn for strenuous activities or in hot water. An amount of rubbing off of this finish is the nature of the fabric and is to be expected. Please care for the garment as you would any delicate article of clothing. HAND WASH ONLY