• Micro Tops - Level 1

    Micro Tops - Level 1 (10)

    Micro Tops are smaller than your classic bikini tops that's why they are called micro bikini tops. They can be worn in public or on the beach, pool lounging, Great for suntanning, modelling competitions, body building, glamour shoots, they match well with Brazilian pants and small cuts itsy bitsy bottoms or even thong and g string pants.  Sunbabe Micro bikinis…
  • Petite Micro Tops - Level 2

    Petite Micro Tops - Level 2 (13)

    Petite Micro tops are smaller than level one, petite cut micro tops are a great for showing off than toned body and ideal for bikini and modeling comps. Glamour shoots, practical for swimming and surfing, pool lounging and can be worn as a sexy lingerie bras. Micro bikinis are the new lingerie. Sunbabe Australian swimwear company in Brisbane and open…
  • Super Micro Tops - Level 3

    Super Micro Tops - Level 3 (7)

    Super Cut Micro bikinis are smaller than petite cut. Match them with any pant Brazilian, thong, V or G string. Sexy provocative, use as lingerie, or lingerie waitress, escorting, adult entertainment, secluded beaches. Sunbabe Brisbane swimwear company has one factory outlet open to public with ample carpark
  • Zero Micro Tops - Level 4

    Zero Micro Tops - Level 4 (12)

    Zero, minus and below zero micro tops are barely covering the boobs, may be even covering the nipple only, available in sheer mesh, net eyelets, and spandex. Looks great with zero g string or v string even thong or Brazilian cut micro pants, suits lingerie waitress, gentlemen's clubs, adult entertainment, topless venues, night clubs, photo shoots, secluded beaches, private pools,…